Our Mission

Our mission is to:-
  • To promote the development, study and practice of Internal medicine and all related fields in Zimbabwe.
  • To maintain a high standard of professional ethics, conduct and practice among those practicing in the specialties stated above.
  • To encourage continuing medical education and promote co-operation and friendship between all in the said professions.
  • To foster and encourage interest in research by our members.
  • To encourage, assist and promote the study of quantitative and qualitative aspects of the specialties i.e. audit and continuing education and concern with health matters.
  • To represent Internal Medicine, and related fields to relevant Authorities


CME,Education and Scientific committee

Dr Fana

Dr Chisada

Dr Munyandu

Dr A Mataruse

Finance Committee

Dr Ndhlovu

Dr Mafundikwa

Dr Chitiyo

Dr Gambahaya

Audit & Practice committee

Dr Pasi

Prof Matenga

Dr Dickson


Dr Kadzirange

The Executive Committee

Dr Leolin Katsidzira – President

Dr Simbarashe Pfumojena – Vice President

Dr Andrew Mataruse – Secretary General


Dr Pamela Gorejena-Chidawanyika – Treasurer

Dr Tinashe Gede – Committe Member

Dr Mark Dixon – Committe Member